Friday, June 22, 2012

Topic3: Medical Affairs at Launch

One of the great challenges for Medical Affairs is determining how to most effectively support a drug at launch.  As you may know, drug launch is absolutely critical to the success of a drug.  And since in our business that means the penetration of treatment to patients who needs them, MA must view launch as a unique opportunity to educate the healthcare community.  In discussing this topic, I will address the following topics:

As usual, I am curious to hear about your experiences at launch.  Please share them in the comments.


  1. [...] There is often very little senior leadership to go around.  Yet, as we mentioned in this post, it is critical to start MA up early to support a product launch that may be over two years away.  [...]

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  4. [...] a range of topics including MSL proactivity, KOL identification, MedComm/SciComm groups, MA at Product Launch, Global MA and MA’s Relationship with Commercial, just to name a [...]


Please leave your thoughts as well as suggestions for other topics.