Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Topic 37: Medical Affairs and the Integrated Payer / Provider Model

For a while we have been discussing the need for a specialized medical affairs function focused on Payers – we discussed it here.

But what about Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) or other integrated payer / provider models, where the provider owns both the cost and the outcomes of their work.  This type of model is becoming more and more prevalent, yet most MA organization have not flexed to directly engage with these types of organizations. 

The needs for these organization are not a match for current MSL field organizations focused on HCPs and, while payer oriented organizations may be better suited, they are not a perfect match either.

Like payers, these groups are interested in population-level information.  And, like payers, they care about total cost of care.  But like HCPs they also place a greater emphasis on understanding treatments in the context of the overall disease progression and methodologies for approaches for ensuring improved outcomes with existing treatments.
I suggest that MA organizations are going to need to develop groups that directly target these ACOs.  These will be teams that understand population health and quality metrics.
And MA is going to need to collect this population data directly.  

 One thing that seems clear is that HEOR secondary endpoints gathered during P3 simply lack credibility with these audiences since they know the P3 had inclusion/exclusion criteria that did not model their patient population.  Real world data and post marketing studies, already important for payers, is going to be equally important for these ACOs.

MA is going to need to come to them with models of costs and outcomes and budget impact, then partner with them to validate the model and gather relevant data about treatment approaches which produce the best results for the least costs.  

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